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As a resident of the Bay Area, you are charged with doing all you can to secure your family and personal/business assets. To do that, you have to employ reliable locking and electronic security systems for your home, business, and car. Mobile locksmith team in Bay Area, CA can help you tremendously.

In spite of your best efforts to make personal security a priority for you and your family, locks, keys, and electronic security systems are not 100% full-proof. Among the things that can go wrong would be you getting locked out, losing your keys, having something unexpectedly break, or having a fob device/lock/security system malfunction. Not only can these issues cause you to stress, but they might put you in a precarious situation.

When things go awry with your lock and electronic security systems, you would be challenged to handle these things on your own. The truth is the average Californian lacks the knowledge and tools they would need to handle such issues without causing additional collateral damage of some kind.

That is exactly why you would need help from a top Bay Area professional locksmith like Best Locksmith. It’s notable that our highly trained team of mobile locksmith technicians is quite capable of handling any calls quickly and efficiently. From car key duplications to key fob replacement, our technicians do have the experience and tools that are needed to provide reliable locksmith services.

About Our Car Locksmith Services

Arguably, most of our calls come in for a car locksmith in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. With so many cars on the streets in the Bay area, there is a constant flow of calls coming into our office. It’s our mission to handle all car lock/key issues that can create safety and convenience issues for customers like you.

Most of our car locksmith services will be focused on locks and keys. Our mobile locksmith services for cars include

It’s worth noting that our highly trained team of licensed locksmith technicians has been trained to work on all cars regardless of the car’s make, model, or year.

Our Lockout Services

When you accidentally get locked out of your home, business, or car, it’s a situation that you will need to address immediately. To do that, you have to have a reliable locksmith that can reply to calls for help as fast as possible. With our mobile locksmith units strategically placed throughout the Bay Area, we have the ability to get to your designated location in 30 minutes or less in most cases.

When one of our Bay area professional locksmith technicians arrive, they will do so with the knowledge and tools they will need to get you in the door. In almost all cases, they will have the ability to open your door in a matter of minutes. That includes the ability to unlock your residence door, unlock your business facility door, and unlock car door.

Should you want to replace your locks or install a master lock/key system, those are services that we can provide

Note: Prior to providing lockout services, our technicians will generally need to see some form of identification and proof of ownership of the home, business, or car.

San Francisco and Silicon Valley Locksmith Services – Emergency Services

a variety of car keys and car remotes

We stock a variety of car keys and car remotes for most makes and models of cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles.

What makes Best Locksmith so unique is the fact we treat all calls as though they are emergency calls. Our locksmith technicians are trained to react as quickly as possible because they know your call is a call for help. In all likelihood, you are stranded or in a situation that could put your safety in question. It’s our goal to quickly address your issue in order to minimize your stress and inconvenience.

Why Choose Our Mobile Locksmith Team?

To lay claim to providing the best San Francisco and Silicon Valley locksmith services, we have to earn that right. That’s something we are committed to doing at Best Locksmith because we want to always be your mobile locksmith of choice.

Our stellar reputation has been built on the backs of our elite team of professional locksmith technicians. These are the finest locksmiths in the industry because they are committed to providing the best customer care possible.

It starts with our hiring system that seeks to identify the best candidates. Once hired, they get all the training and tools they will need to handle any job to the satisfaction of our customers.

As for their professionalism, that’s on them. Our team is dedicated to providing you services without question or pause. All of our technicians are licensed, friendly, and ready to respond to your call at a moment’s notice anywhere you are in Silicon Valley including San Francisco areas.

Best of all, Best Locksmith’s prices are always fair, competitive, and affordable with a customer satisfaction guarantee. We provide a 6-month guarantee on all of our work.

When it’s time to place that call to a Bay area professional locksmith, you will want that call to go to Best Locksmith. Both our response time and services will be second to none.


Q: If I need an emergency car locksmith to unlock car door, how soon would your response be?

A: As a mobile locksmith, we have our units strategically located within our service areas in California. This allows us to respond to calls throughout the area in 30 minutes or less in most cases.

Q: If I need a car key copy made to replace a lost car key, can I get that done without the original?

A: Yes, we do have the ability to make car keys for cars of all makes/models/years. However, we would need proof of ID and car ownership before we could proceed.

Q: How do your prices compare to any other car locksmith in San Francisco and Sillicon Valley?

A: It is our goal to make sure our locksmith service prices are always fair, competitive, and affordable.

Q: Can you explain how a master lock/key system works?

A: If you were to choose to install a master lock/key system in your home or business, all locks would be compatible with the same set of keys. 

When you need a locksmith in San Francisco, San Mateo, Redwood City, Palo Alto and surrounding areas you can count on Best Locksmith California Company every time.

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