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With a population of close to 1.0 million people, San Jose is one of California’s most robust communities. That means there are lots of cars, homes, and businesses that keep this city thriving.

As a resident of San Jose, you have a vested interest in making sure that you and your family are safe at home. As a business owner/manager, you have a responsibility to protect the company’s assets. You also have an obligation to make sure you protect valuable assets like your car.

The best way to protect your home, business, or car is to make sure your locks and keys are doing what they should be doing, keeping things secure. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Locks, keys, and electronic security systems are fallible. How many times have you lost your keys or locked them in the house or car? When an employee leaves or quits, is it not a good idea to change the locks or have them rekeyed? If your locks or keys break, you have to address such issues as fast as possible.

Before you start thinking you can address lock and key issues on your own, you have to consider whether or not you have the knowledge and tools to do that. Most people don’t because the efficient handling of lock and key issues requires special training and tools. If you don’t have that knowledge or tools, your best option is to call a top San Jose local locksmith like Best Locksmith.

We are a reliable and reputable San Jose locksmith. Our elite team of locksmith technicians does have the knowledge, experience, and tools needed to provide a full menu of locksmith services for San Jose homes, businesses, and cars.

Automotive Locksmith Service

Own a vehicle? We offer car key replacement, key duplication, lockout services, and car remote programming. We can also make keys for your motorcycle. We work on Foreign, Domestic, and German vehicles.

Home Locksmith Service

Your home is your castle. Let Best Locksmith California fortify it with our services. We can rekey locks, install smart locks and even upgrade you to a high-security bump-proof keyway such as Mul-T-Lock or Peaks.

Business Locksmith Service

We offer same day response for our commercial clients. Whether you’re locked out of your office, need to rekey the building due to a recent fire or have a broken door closer, we can help.

Home Locksmith Service

Any locksmith in San Jose has to accept the fact they are part of the community. That translates to them having a responsibility to help protect the community’s residents. Best Locksmith does that by providing a full menu of locksmith services for the home. Our home locksmith service menu includes:

Business Locksmith Service

If you are a business owner or manager, your number one security priority is protecting the company’s employees and business assets. It’s also important that you make sure the business’ operations are running smoothly. If something goes wrong with the business’ locks or keys, it’s going to cause issues that could lead to the unnecessary loss of time, money, or customers. We are able to help you keep your business running smoothly by offering the following business locksmith services:

  • Repair, replace, and rekey locks after a break in or dismissal of an employee
  • Make copy keys for new employees
  • Rest and repair business security systems
  • Offer and install a master lock/key system for convenience

Automotive Locksmith Service

Own a vehicle? We offer car key replacement, key duplication, lockout services, and car remote programming. We can also make keys for your motorcycle. We work on Foreign, Domestic, and German vehicles.

Given how busy the streets of San Jose are, every top locksmith in San Jose had better provide a full menu of automotive locksmith services. Yes, Best LOcksmith is exactly that kind of an automotive locksmith. With a focus on making sure you don’t get stranded in an unsafe situation, we proudly offer the following San Jose locksmith services for your car:

  • Provide copy keys as a car key replacement or as duplicates (keys cut without original is possible)
  • Pop a lock when keys are locked in trunk
  • Car unlock service when keys are lost or left in the ignition
  • Repair car security system
  • Key fob replacement in Silicon Valley and San Jose
  • Key fob programming and reprogramming
  • Replacement of key fob batteries
  • Repair or replace car ignition system

Note: We provide our car locksmith services for all early and late model cars regardless of the brand.

Why Choose Best Locksmith?

As a consumer, you always want to be mindful about getting good service for the money you spend. In our quest to be the top locksmith in San Jose, we too are mindful of giving our customers the best services possible at prices that are fair and affordable.

When you call Best Locksmith, the response you will get is immediate. We tend to treat all calls as emergency calls because we fully understand how lock and key issues can cause stress and inconvenience. We recognize you have a busy life and can ill-afford downtime due to such problems.

You would be greeted by our elite team of locksmith technicians, which is among the best in the San Jose region. We start by hiring the best candidates, those with the experience and talent needed to be top locksmith technicians. As managers, our job is to make sure our technicians are properly trained and equipped to handle any call that comes their way.

As reputable technicians, our locksmiths are committed to giving customers like you the friendly and professional treatment you all deserve. At all times, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Best Locksmith Serving a Community as Part of the Community


We proudly serve the communities of San Jose and the surrounding areas because we are part of these communities. This is where most of our team members live and make their livings.

Our goal as part of the community is clear. We want to be the locksmith on which the fine people of San Jose can depend. When you need a reliable locksmith, Best Locksmith in the call you

need to make.


Q: How long would a key fob replacement in Silicon Valley take?

A: In most cases, we should have a key replacement in our inventory. If for any reason we don’t, we know exactly where to go to get the right device.

Q: How much would it cost to have my car ignition replaced?

A: Our ignition replacement service will be priced based on the make, model, and year of your car. What we can state is our prices are always fair and affordable.

Q: Will I need to provide any documentation before your locksmith provides a car unlock service?

A: Before they would be able to unlock your car door or provide a car key replacement, they would need proof that you have a documented right to gain access to the car.


When you need a locksmith in San Francisco, San Mateo, Redwood City, Palo Alto and surrounding areas you can count on Best Locksmith California Company every time.

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